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Loyalty Law Group provides highly effective legal representation to people in Edmonton and area. We specialize in criminal defence, real-estate and wills/estate law.


Tips for hiring a criminal defence lawyer

When should I meet with a Lawyer?

The law can be complicated and difficult to understand, especially for individuals who are not familiar with it. Meeting with a criminal lawyer will assist you grasp the specifics of your charges, as well as the ramifications and outcomes of criminal litigation. A Loyalty Law Group lawyer can assist you in identifying and resolving legal concerns and coming up with a trial strategy to properly present your defence.

Understanding your charges.

When you are charged with a criminal or drug offence or crime, it is critical that you understand the legal ramifications. Do you comprehend all the charges levelled against you? Do you know where your case will be heard? Because you are unable to represent yourself, you will require strong and knowledgeable legal counsel.

How do I know who should represent me?

You want the finest possible defence throughout your trial. You deserve a criminal defence attorney who has handled numerous criminal cases. The lawyers at Loyalty Law Group have the experience you need to handle your specific case.

What legal services do you provide?

Our lawyers specialize in Criminal Defence law, Real Estate law, Wills/Estates law and more.

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If you are in need of a criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada or the territories, contact the law office of Loyalty Law Group at 780-652-2275.


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